The Workshop on HCI Education (WE-IHC), which will be held during IHC 2019, is the main Brazilian forum where HCI teachers, researchers and students, among others interested in the theme, have the opportunity to discuss, (re)think and share methods and tools for teaching and learning HCI.

In line with the IHC 2019 general theme "Bridges to Interaction", WEIHC this year will be dedicated to the discussion of "Interdisciplinary Experiences in Teaching HCI". These experiences can be from basic HCI courses as well as associated and interdisciplinary themes such as Interaction Design; Evaluation of interactive systems; HCI Theories; Software Engineering; Social interaction mediated by technology; User Experience; Social and Ethical Aspects; Accessibility; and others.

During the workshop, besides the formal presentation of papers, participants will also be involved in group activities, with the goal of promoting discussion and sharing of knowledge and practical experiences. We welcome submissions of papers presenting interdisciplinary experiences in teaching HCI, both in academia and industry. This includes: conduction and partnerships between courses (formal and informal) and with other institutions, organizations and companies; interaction with society; description of materials built or adapted to be used in interdisciplinary teaching of HCI; classroom and out-of-classroom practical activities; active learning models; evaluation of students; etc.


Submissions must be anonymized, may be written either in English or in Portuguese, and must follow the 2017 ACM Master article (SIGCHI) template. MS Word users should use the Interim layout.docx template and LaTex users should follow the sample-sigchi.tex template. Submissions must contain between 4 to 6 pages (including figures, tables, diagrams, references and annexes). Authors should submit a PDF version of their paper through the JEMS system.

Review Process

Each submission will be reviewed by at least three HCI researchers. Papers will be selected for publication and presentation based on the quality of the work, the relevance of the experience, and the potential of the work to motivate constructive discussions during the workshop. It is expected that the paper provides arguments about the relevance and implications of its findings to the HCI education (preferentially supported by data collected in learning interventions).

Presentation and Publication

At least one of the authors of accepted papers must register to IHC 2019 and present the paper during the workshop (exact time and location to be determined by the organizers). The accepted papers will be published in the Extended Proceedings of IHC 2019.

Important dates

  • Submission deadline: Jul 22nd, 2019 Jul 15th, 2019
  • Notification of results: Aug 27th, 2019 Aug 20th, 2019
  • Submission of camera-ready: Sep 6th, 2019 Aug 30th, 2019


  • Isabela Gasparini (UDESC) - isabela.gasparini@udesc.br
  • Taciana Pontual Falcão (UFRPE) - tacianapontual@gmail.com


  • Amanda Melo
  • Avanilde Kemczinski
  • Bruno Santana
  • Clodis Boscarioli
  • Ecivaldo Matos
  • Jair Leite
  • Luciana Salgado
  • Luciana Zaina
  • Marcelle Mota
  • Marilia Amaral
  • Natasha Valentim
  • Roberto Pereira
  • Silvia Amelia Bim
  • Simone Barbosa