Short Courses

Short courses aim to present a general view on a trending research topic or technology (in a practical and didactical manner) that might be interesting for the HCI community. Attendants should be able to learn about a new topic and apply it to their research and practice. Short courses have as target audience undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and/or professionals. The registration for each short course is separate from the registration for the symposium (it is possible to register to participate only in short courses, without registering for the symposium).

Short courses must be planned for lasting either 3 or 6 hours and be presented in Portuguese or English. Short courses are subject to cancellation if there is not a minimum of 10 registered participants. If less than 10 participants register, short courses are decided by the event’s organizing committee.


Submissions should be limited to two pages, either in Portuguese or English, using the 2017 ACM Master article (SIGCHI) template. MS Word users should use the Interim layout.docx template and LaTex users should follow the sample-sigchi.tex template. Submissions must contain the following information:

1. Title, authors and affiliations (submission of short courses is not blind);
2. Motivation (synthesis of the relevance of the short course theme);
3. Extended Summary (brief explanation about what will be covered in each topic);
4. Audience (indicate the target audience and why the proposed course should attract the attention of such audience. Explain and justify any prerequisites, in case they exist);
5. Authors’ biographies (each author should be briefly presented);
6. Duration of the course (three or six hours);
7. Language in which the course will be held (English or Portuguese);
8. Computing, audiovisual or other resources needed (such as post-its, flipcharts, slide projectors, etc.);
9. Bibliographic references.

Authors should pay attention to the references format, according to the required template. Authors must submit their short course proposals in PDF format via the JEMS system.

Submissions will be reviewed and evaluated by at least two researchers members of the HCI community. They will analyze the intersection between the short course proposal and the topics related to the HCI area, and if the proposal is in the community interest.

Selected mini courses

  • Each selected short course must have, as a final version, a two-page summary which will be published in the extended proceedings of IHC 2019 following the 2017 ACM Master article (SIGCHI) template (links above). Also, authors should provide participants with substantial and self-contained notes or slides, accompanied with references for further reference of the presented topics. Authors must authorize the publication of the summary and notes from the short course in the IHC 2019 website;
  • One lecturer for each short course will be granted a free registration in the event. Other types of support will be evaluated by the Organizing Committee and they will depend on the availability of resources;
  • Submissions must be sent electronically, in PDF format, via the JEMS system, in the short course category.

Important dates

  • Submission deadline: May 24th, 2019 May 15th, 2019
  • Notification of results: Jun 9th, 2019 May 27th, 2019
  • Submission of camera-ready: Jun 28th, 2019 Jun 18th, 2019
  • Delivery of short course material: Oct 18th, 2019


  • Caroline Queiroz Santos (UFVJM) -
  • Cleidson de Souza (UFPA) -


  • Andre Freire
  • Artur Kronbauer
  • Carla Leitao
  • Clodis Boscarioli
  • Crediné de Menezes
  • Davi Viana
  • Ecivaldo Matos
  • Ingrid Monteiro
  • Isabela Gasparini
  • Kamila Rodrigues
  • Letícia Machado
  • Luciana da Silveira Espindola
  • Luciana Zaina
  • Marcelle Mota
  • Marcelo Pimenta
  • Maria Villela
  • Milene Silveira
  • Roberto Pereira
  • Rodrigo Genu
  • Rodrigo Gonzatto
  • Rodrigo Laiola Guimarães
  • Rodrigo Santos
  • Soraia Prietch
  • Vaninha Vieira
  • Vinicius Pereira