Panel of Research Groups

The 2nd Panel of Research Groups on Human-Computer Interaction (PRGHCI – 2019), which will take place in the XVIII Brazilian Symposium on Human Factors in Computing Systems (IHC 2019), aims at continuing to promote the visibility of research groups on HCI in Brazil and partner countries.

The first edition of PRGHCI, held at IHC 2017, had the presence of 14 research groups. During the event, it was possible to establish an approximation between these groups, as well as to bring them closer to the software industry. It was also intended, indirectly, to identify potential potential research partnerships and collaborations. The presentation videos of the 1rst PRGHCI are available at:

In this second edition, we intend to update the mapping of existing research groups, aiming to consolidate and expand the collaboration in research that has been characterizing the Brazilian community of HCI. This track welcomes contributions in all topics related to research in Human-Computer Interaction.

Format and selection

Interested groups must submit through the JEMS system an extended abstract in PDF, up to three pages long, following the 2017 ACM Master article (SIGCHI) template. MS Word users should use the Interim layout.docx template and LaTex users should follow the sample-sigchi.tex template. The abstract must contain the main data about the research group, such as:
  • Research group’s name;
  • Its objectives;
  • Participating universities/research institutions/enterprises;
  • Participating researchers/developers;
  • Main projects (both ongoing and finished) and grants/sponsorship received;
  • Infrastructure for research;
  • Developed solutions that were/are being adopted by a broader community;
  • Interest in partnerships and/or partnerships in progress with other research groups.
The extended abstract must also include a final section where the main opportunities and challenges involved in research developed by the research group are discussed.

Submissions will be evaluated by the program committee to certify and verify their relevance to PRGHCI – 2019. All accepted abstracts will be published in the IHC 2019 extended proceedings.


The invited research groups must present themselves in poster, in format to be defined, and a video up to 2 minutes long, in free format. The poster will be presented to all IHC 2019 participants in an exclusive session. The video will be exhibited in this session and will be available on a website related to the conference.

We welcome submissions from all HCI-related research groups in Brazil and partner countries!

Important dates

  • Submission deadline for abstracts: Aug 11th, 2019 Aug 8th, 2019 Jul 29th, 2019
  • Notification of results: Aug 28th, 2019 Aug 22th, 2019 Aug 20th, 2019
  • Submission of camera-ready: Sep 6th, 2019 Aug 30th, 2019
  • Submission of videos: Sep 30th, 2019


  • Carla Leitão (PUC-Rio) -
  • Maria Lúcia Villela (UFVJM) -


  • Andre Freire
  • Carla Leitao
  • Caroline Queiroz Santos
  • Ingrid Monteiro
  • Isabela Gasparini
  • Luciana Salgado
  • Luciana Zaina
  • Marcelle Mota
  • Maria Villela
  • Milene Silveira
  • Raquel Prates
  • Roberto Pereira
  • Rodrigo Santos
  • Taciana Pontual Falcão
  • Tayana Conte
  • Vânia Neris