Full Papers

The XVIII Brazilian Symposium on Human Factors in Computing Systems (IHC 2019) invites the scientific community to explore the theme "Bridges for Interaction" considering aspects of the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) discipline. The theme refers to the geographic characteristic of the city of Vitória, which is composed of a cluster of 33 islands and a continental area. Seven bridges interconnect the island of Vitória with the continent.

Nowadays, new ways of interacting with machines are permeating our reality and shaping our interactions and social behaviors. To this end, IHC 2019 emphasizes the need for surpassing barriers, crossing borders, combining disciplines, connecting past and future, physical and digital, art and science, all of this aiming at improving the quality of interactions among people and technologies.

In this context, we invite researchers, industry professionals, professors and students who work in the various lines of HCI to submit full papers to this venue. Submissions must contain an original contribution, not published or under review in another forum.

Full papers submissions should have high-quality and solid academic research findings with clear contributions to the HCI area. Contributions should include relevant and unpublished findings from research projects, case studies, informed discussions, or experiences that provide new evidence on HCI research or application.


Full papers must be no longer than 10 pages (plus references). Submissions must be anonymous, written either in English or Portuguese, and must carefully follow the 2017 ACM Master article (SIGCHI) template. MS Word users should use the Interim layout.docx template and LaTex users should follow the sample-sigchi.tex template.

Authors should pay attention to the reference format, which must contain the full name of each author. Authors must submit their papers in PDF format, via the JEMS system.

Review Process

Submissions will be reviewed by at least three researchers in the HCI area. In case of disparity and inconsistency between reviews, a meta-review process will be conducted to support the final decision. If the submission is accepted, authors must consider reviewers’ comments to prepare the final version of the paper.


Each accepted paper must have at least one registered author to present it in a technical session. Full papers will have 20 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for discussion.


Accepted full papers will be published in the Symposium’s proceedings and will be indexed in the ACM Digital Library. The paper publication is subject to the registration of at least one of the authors and the paper presentation at the event. The registration of each author entitles the publication of 1 (one) paper (full or short). For the publication of more than one paper linked to a same registration, an additional fee no higher than a student registration fee will be charged for each extra paper.

Important dates

  • Submission deadline for abstracts: Jun 7th, 2019 May 31st, 2019 May 24th, 2019
  • Submission deadline for full papers: Jun 9th, 2019 Jun 7th, 2019 May 31st, 2019
  • Notification of results: Jul 24th, 2019 Jul 10th, 2019
  • Submission of camera-ready: Aug 24th, 2019 Aug 30th, 2019


  • Vagner Figueredo de Santana (IBM Research) - vagsant@br.ibm.com
  • Artur Kronbauer (UNIFACS) - arturhk@gmail.com


  • Alécio Binotto
  • Alberto Raposo
  • Alessandro Assis
  • Alex Gomes
  • Alysson Prado
  • Amanda Melo
  • Ana Carolina De Marchi
  • Ana Luiza Dias
  • Anderson Maciel
  • André da Silva
  • Andréia Libório
  • Andre Freire
  • Andrey Pimentel
  • Angelina Ziesemer
  • Anna Beatriz Marques
  • Artur Kronbauer
  • Avanilde Kemczinski
  • Awdren Fontão
  • Bruno Santana
  • Carla Berkenbrock
  • Carla Freitas
  • Carla Leitao
  • Carla Rodriguez
  • Caroline Queiroz Santos
  • Celmar Guimarães da Silva
  • Celso Alberto Saibel Santos
  • Cesar Collazos
  • Clarisse de Souza
  • Claudia Motta
  • Claudio Pinhanez
  • Clodis Boscarioli
  • Cristian Rusu
  • Cristiano Maciel
  • Daniel Schneider
  • Daniela Trevisan
  • Diego Antunes
  • Ecivaldo Matos
  • Edson De Souza
  • Eduardo Tanaka
  • Elaine Oliveira
  • Eleandro Maschio
  • Fabiano Pinatti
  • Flavia Santoro
  • Frederick van Amstel
  • Greis Silva-Calpa
  • Heloisa Candello
  • Ingrid Monteiro
  • Isabela Gasparini
  • Jair Leite
  • João Luiz Bernardes Júnior
  • Jorge Campos
  • José David
  • José Viterbo
  • Juliana Jansen Ferreira
  • Juliana Bueno
  • Julio Abascal
  • Julio Dos Reis
  • Kamila Rodrigues
  • Kathia Marçal de Oliveira
  • Leonardo Cunha de Miranda
  • Leonelo Almeida
  • Lesandro Ponciano
  • Leticia Peres
  • Luana Müller
  • Lucia Filgueiras
  • Luciana da Silveira Espindola
  • Luciana Nedel
  • Luciana Salgado
  • Luciana Zaina
  • Manoel Pereira Junior
  • Marcelle Mota
  • Marcelo Morandini
  • Marcelo Pimenta
  • Marco Winckler
  • Maria Villela
  • Maria Augusta Silveira Netto Nunes
  • Marilia Amaral
  • Mauro Pichiliani
  • Milene Silveira
  • Natasha Valentim
  • Nelson Neto
  • Olatz Arbelaitz
  • Raquel Prates
  • Raquel Chebabi
  • Renata Fortes
  • Ricardo Caceffo
  • Rita Suzana Pitangueira Maciel
  • Roberto Pereira
  • Rodrigo Bonacin
  • Rodrigo Laiola Guimarães
  • Rodrigo Santos
  • Sabrina Marczak
  • Saul Delabrida
  • Silvia Amelia Bim
  • Simone Barbosa
  • Soraia Prietch
  • Taciana Pontual Falcão
  • Tatiana Tavares
  • Tayana Conte
  • Thaíse Costa
  • Thais Castro
  • Thiago dos Santos
  • Tiago Primo
  • Tiago Franklin Rodrigues Lucena
  • Ticianne Darin
  • Vagner Santana
  • Vania Almeida Neris
  • Vaninha Vieira
  • Vinícius Segura
  • Vinicius Mota
  • Vinicius Pereira
  • Vivian Motti
  • Windson Viana
  • Yuska Paola Costa Aguiar